The future is the Metaverse. Ah, well, never mind

Billions of dollars and just three years later, the Internet’s Next Big Thing joins the tech graveyard For about 12 months there, it was impossible […]
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The rise of the workplace personality test

Long part of the recruitment process, employers are increasingly turning to personality tests to improve workplace culture As workplaces start to become more aware and […]
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The gender gap has come for remote work

Research suggests that women prefer remote work at a higher rate to men ― but it hasn’t done much to further equality in the workplace […]
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Servicing the digital debt

Microsoft’s latest Work Trend Index survey says we’re drowning in meetings and emails. But fret not, the enabler is the saviour Content written by Kieran […]
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Dumber than you think

Enormously entertaining and mind-bogglingly easy to use, text-generating AI tools are also unreliable and create an avalanche of misinformation. Businesses take note The business world […]
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What goes around, comes around

Why are flip phones coming back? Gen Z is powering a renaissance for the forgotten device More than anything, what kicked off the current era […]
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